David Beggs


David has over 13 years experience in the investment management industry. He holds the position of Portfolio Manager at Metisq Capital, managing over $1 Billion in Emerging Markets equities. He also held the position of Executive Director at Halidon Asset Management, managing over $30 Million in fixed interest and hybrid assets. David’s work revolves heavily around quantitative investment and operational processes, with a focus on the development of trading, portfolio rebalancing and portfolio management systems. 

Simon Cunnington


Simon has over 17 years experience working in the stockbroking and funds management industries. In 2009 he founded the successful boutique asset management firm Equity&Super, and has extensive experience in private client management and AFSL inter advice management. Prior to establishing Equity&Super he was vice president of the PWG of Citi Smith Barneys Melbourne office, and has held investment committee positions on a number of charitable organisations.

Matthew Cosier


Matthew has over 13 years’ of experience as a Software Engineer across a range of industries and disciplines. Matthew currently serves as the CTO and Founder of the successful Microsoft Partner, Hazaa, helping organisations realise their potential through the implementation of technology. As a Senior Developer for Readify, Matthew lead the development of the Wealth.Net platform for Bluedoor technologies, who were later acquired by DST.

Martin Granell


Martin has 20 years IT experience across a wide range of professional industries. He is currently Chief Data Scientist at Applied Data Science, working with leading financials institutions to innovate technical processes and improve key decision making engines. Prior to this he was Lead Solutions Architect at Metisq Capital, where he designed and developed proprietary equities research and trading systems, and Senior Developer at Readify, where he worked exclusively on major IT projects for ASX200 companies. 

Lachlan Clark


Lachlan graduated in 2014 from RMIT University with a Bachelor of Information Technology (Web Systems) and a Masters in Finance. At Portfolio Owl, Lachlan works with the technology and business team.

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